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iHee_Hair Designer

From the position of the top hair designer in South Korea,
iHee, the best hair and makeup artist of this era, maintains her reputation for 35 years.
She established herself in Cheongdam-dong in 1997 and has held the top position for 25 years without fail.
Her products, created through her experience, know-how, and relentless research, also showcase the quality expected of the TOP Salon brand
and have been adored by countless celebrities and VIPs for several years.

The Queen Maker, responsible for hair and makeup of South Korea's top stars.
iHee, the director, relentlessly pursues perfection in all aspects of hair styling and techniques, leaving no room for imitation.
Leading the "NEW Look" trend every time, she has brought about dramatic transformations for top stars such as Jang Jin-young, Lee Young-ae, Ko Hyun-jung, Bae Doo-na, Lee Sung-jae, Um Jung-hwa, Choi Ji-woo, and Jun Do-yeon.
As a result, new stars starting in dramas or movies entrust their transformations to iHee's keen sense.

Her firm beauty philosophy is embedded in her style:
"Beauty is not about creating a different self, but cultivating a better self," and "There is no makeup as splendid as a beautiful smile."